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A savage night at the opera
Another savage night at the club
Let's face it, 
20th-Jul-2011 04:51 pm(no subject)
Pinkie why
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The following is a Portal comic that is NOT supposed to be a parody of videogame web comicsCollapse )

The Orange Box was one of the first things I bought after getting my Xbox 360. But I didn’t care a bit about Team Fortress or Half-Life, I was there for Portal. I played through the beginning stages easily enough, but I wasn’t too far in before I got stuck. And it wasn’t that the puzzle stumped me, the solution was obvious. It was that I was physically incapable of performing the action that the game expected me to do. My FPS experience at this point was limited to a few embarrassing hours of Bioshock.

My brother had walked past and seen me playing a few times already. He was interested in the game, and, unlike me, had experience with the genre. He played Gears of Halo Field: Modern Warzone XVI with his friends all the time. I can’t remember if I asked him for help or if he volunteered, but one way or another he wound up with the controller—and he cleared the puzzle easily.

The next few hours consisted of us trading out playing (or rather, operating?) the game and offering advice. And that’s how we beat Portal.

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You might notice that this post has a 'lens flare' tag even though there's no tasteful lens flare in this image. I think I'm going to treat that as more of a title. It sort of rolls off the tongue, especially compared to that thing in the subject header.
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Such brilliance may only speak for itself
14th-Jul-2011 09:48 am - And yet, more lists?!
Back to back
I’ve seen a few of these popping up and thought it might be fun to do my own. I don’t usually like to degrade popular music (anymore) and that’s really not even what this is. More like, it’s me trying to reconcile the broad popularity and or/critical acclaim that these albums have with my own unimpressed reaction to them.

Ergo, my six most overrated albums of 2011.5.

To reiterate: being here doesn't necessarily mean that I think the album is bad, just overratedCollapse )
6th-Jul-2011 07:39 pm(no subject)
First, general music post.


Because heaven knows I wouldn’t get by with only bothering all of you with this once. Since my favorites list at this point has something like 30 records on it (2011 is turning out to be amazing), I decided to make an even more concise list. I was going to go for ten, but it wound up being 12. Which is cool, I like to do things in multiples of three, usually six, but that’s too small and this is twice that. Blah blah blah justification.


I tried to put these in some semblance of order, by comparing how much I would rather listen to one versus the other, and how many plays they have in iTunes. So while these represent my 12 favorite favorite records of the half-year, the list also goes in an ascending order towards my most favorites. I don’t usually like to quantify things this way, and last year it would have been impossible, but this year I have some pretty clear favorites.

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23rd-Jun-2011 02:49 pm - genre tl;dr genre tl;dr genre tl;dr
U Mad?
First of all, this really isn’t enough to be a full topic, but I wanted to address it.

The most recurring complaint I’m seeing from Duke Nukem Forever defenders against reviews is that reviewers are docking points for it having old-school, 90’s game design/mechanics (they’re not, they’re docking points because the controls/mechanics are clumsy and BROKEN). This goes back to how, back when everyone was all excited for this game in March, the most touted thing about it was a return to “classic” shooter conventions. I remember no shortage of claims that we “need a game like this” to break us from the industrial monotony of gray-brown shooters that alternate between grisly American soldier projection characters in World War II and space.

This “classic shooter game design” that everyone was so excited for can be broken down into a number of elements. Health bars, as opposed to regenerating health and shields. Non-cover based shooting. Carrying around lots of weapons at once. Weapons/abilities with all kinds of crazy effects. Gratuitous killing of things, complete with explosions of gore everywhere. Huh, this sounds an awful lot like Bioshock.

But wait, isn’t the first thing that anyone complains about in Bioshock the fact that the shooting mechanics are mundane?


Anyways. To make up for my last discussion, I wanted to try to make a post with some actual substance. So now we’re going to address the argument around Genre. Is it a good thing? Is it a bad thing? Is it a necessary thing?

Spoilers: maybe, maybe, yesCollapse )
...but I think it turned into more of a Bon Iver review.

Sadness in music is a risky business. Heck, any kind of emotion (unironic emotion, naturally) in independent music is a risky business, but that’s another topic.

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19th-Jun-2011 05:57 pm(no subject)
They Live is a ridiculous movieCollapse )

You see, it's hilarious because I took one video game meme, combined it with another video game meme, and then added yet another meme, but from the internet this time. Bask in all of my interweb-savvy wit.

But my favorite part is when Phoenix calls Edgeworth sexy omgrotfl
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